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Tile and Grout

Because flooring is so diversified...we now offer tile and grout cleaning!

We know how expensive your tile and grout flooring can be, so MarekCare would like to help!

Using the old "mop and bucket" only does so well.

MarekCare uses a cleaning method that literally" blows it away"!

Can't get those grout lines cleaned to their original color because of the dirt, grime, and possible staining, and who wants to spend time on their hands and knees scrubbing those pesky grout lines?

MarekCare can help!!

 Our method uses a powerful, yet safe, cleaning solution, and special equipment that will blast away that dirt, grime, and stains from both your tile and grout lines.

 The tool used to accomplish this is called a "spinner tool". It is a self-contained power washer that uses HOT, high-pressurized water, and a "spinning" action to blast away the dirt, grime and staining and get this, it gets VACUUMED away, all in one swipe!!

Your tile and grout will look 100% better than using the "mop and bucket"!!

After the floor is clean we will use our airmovers to expedite the drying process for the grout lines.

Ask us about grout line sealing to protect them from dirt, grime and staining.

MarekCare strives to make your tile and grout cleaning as seamless as possible, and your satisfaction a guarantee!

 (For those really stubborn grout lines, we would agitate using our grout line scrub brush) 

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