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Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture "is a reflection of your style and personality”, someone once told me, but constantly replacing it can get costly! Why not preserve your investment by having it cleaned regularly.

MarekCare Carpet Cleaning & Services can help!

  • We will take the time to find out the material make-up of the particular piece/pieces, check for rips or material separation, colorfastness, and cushion dexterity, and clean your piece/pieces using the proper techniques
  • We start out by putting down a covering to prevent any over spraying
  • Then we thoroughly vacuum the piece/pieces and any cushions that are separate from the piece/pieces. We then address any spotting or staining that may be present. (Please note: some staining may be permanent due to the duration of time left untreated)
  • Next, we pretreat all areas with the proper cleaning solution letting the solution dwell on the piece/pieces to dissolve, encapsulate, and liquefy soils and oils, and to help with remaining spots and stains
  • Using a soft bristle brush, we agitate the solution into the fabric to help further in the cleaning process
  • Then using Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) and our furniture tool, we rinse and extract the cleaning solutions leaving the fibers clean and in a “like new” condition
  • After each piece is cleaned, we will apply a Protectant (if you agree to have a Protectant applied) and/or use air movers to speed up dry time. Once the piece/pieces dry adequately, we will brush the piece/pieces with a horsehair brush to keep the fabrics uniformity!
  • Lastly, our technicians will remove all cleaning materials, air movers, and make sure, if not completely dry, to keep the pieces separated, to insure the complete drying process!

MarekCare strives to make your upholstery cleaning experience as seamless as possible, and your satisfaction a guarantee!

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